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The Journey of Dedication and Commitment

I am a little embarrassed after writing the title of my post...

I suppose we all start and stop and start again many projects, habits, resolutions, multiple times in our lives. I mean, isn't that why we set New Year's Resolutions? Because we all begin something, something we promise ourselves we will be committed to, something we want to change, add, or let go in our lives.... and somehow by March we are only sporadically moving forward towards that goal?

I have recently begun to work as a health coach, on my way to becoming certified as that, and a personal trainer. Sometimes the process seems daunting; there are days I don't WANT to start because I don't know WHERE to start... 

So I do. And once I do, it's not as hard as I thought it would be. But one day of beginning does not mean I have mastered that skill. It requires consistent, daily commitment to an end result. We don't just become who we are without the choices that have molded, influenced and enticed us.…

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