The Whole Grain Truth: Barley

So, after a few weeks of being completely thrown out of the habits of exercising and blogging just to name a few, I am ready to begin again. Having to turn my concerns to my childrens' health, I feel more conscientious of our health and the impact our diet has on our physical challenges and maladies. So, here's to your health, and the health of your family; try this wholesome, chewy, and very versatile grain this week!

Barley: Also a member of the grass family, and has been cultivated for thousands of years (a staple often mentioned in the bible). It is widely used as animal feed, and also as a malt for beer, and a substitute for coffee (seriously! Ever had Postum?). Hulled, or naked barley is the whole grain, however we most commonly find barley as "pearled" barley, which has had the bran removed. Still considered a whole grain, Pearled barley is still a highly nutritional cereal grain, with eight essential amino acids, is high in fiber, and other vitamins and minerals. Barley helps to regulate your digestive system, lower your cholesterol (and raise your "good" cholesterol) and helps regulate your blood sugar. This is important for anyone- especially those with diabetes.

If your interested, check out the recipe from Fitness magazine posted on the recipes blog- a hearty, healthy salad; a great salad that requires little cooking! Please feel free if you have any barley recipes to share, to post them on the recipe blog.
Happy (and healthy) Eating!

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